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Posted on: 2018-03-11

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That guy need to sit down and let someone like me show him how to fuck a fat dick wasn't doing nothing to have a big dick like mines to fuck her good. I would never looked nineteen again in a bathing suit. I wondered if he knew I colored my hair. Without my contacts I was blind as a bat.

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Sure enough as I lay there with my cock in hand I'd spy her watching, so I'd start to moan and stroke up and down my hard shaft. The thought of her watching aroused me even more and it didn't take long till I'd shoot my load.

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Jimmy quickly popped one of her luvs chubby lexxxi chubby into his mouth. Nancy again tried to wiggle free, but the intense pleasure of the tit sucking was making her weak. Jimmy continued nursing on his mom's breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen in response.

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She cut me off, leaping onto me and pressing her lips onto. I prefer being your sister-slut than your sister-wife. I mean, next thing you expect me to start cooking for you and luv chubby lexxxi your laundry-" she responded in mock thoughtfulness, and I smiled at her, happy to see that her playful side had returned.

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She was teasing me with her rocking. She was going just fast enough to make me feel really good, but not fast enough that I would probably ever cum. She was enjoying her position of strength as well as the intimacy we were enjoying even with her friends watching.

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By conservative, I mean the outer layers were a nice skirt and blouse, but she wore hose, garter belt and shelf bra underneath, never any panties. And, to look more like a office type of gal, a moderate pair of high heels. Cheryl would relate her adventures to me after we returned home from her afternoon fun, videotaping her story.

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She smirked at me and we just stared at. My eyes kept wandering from her breasts to her eyes, and if her eyes had been looking down, she would have seen how hard I.

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Jessie's face as she grinned with pursed lips, and we guys moaned uncontrollably while we finished the bitch off. Jessie's stomach, then we could have enjoyed a triple facial for this gorgeous girl. John and I sighed in satisfaction as we completed our masterpiece and stepped back to appreciate it.

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Once completed, I was hosed down to clean me off and then led to crawl back into the house with the guest. It was now time for my asspussy reaming. I was instructed to straddle the bench with his mouth on my cock and my wrists were attached to my ankles and then the slave raised his legs and my tongue was at his cock.

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I felt guilty as well as frustrated at the same time.