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Spanking on cross

Posted on: 2018-02-06

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You can cross the line of lawful spanking into unlawful abuse. So close but not to be I want to share a recent event which I'm honest enough to admit didn't end how I would have wanted. It was a hot experience and I could lie towards the end and let my fantasy take over but let's remain in the real world.

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I'd heard the term, "thick as tree trunk", but this tree limb cock far surpassed. The spanking on cross cock had a golden velvety tan with smooth prominent dark blue veins traveling up its substantial length and girth. One vein, bigger and more pronounced than the rest, ran straight across the center with three more on each side branching out sporadically to wrap around its shocking girth.

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Janine had asked spanking on cross me which made me feel quite horny. I asked him outright if he fancied finding somewhere quiet for some fast sex and he leapt at the chance.

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Lorraine was spanking on cross a distance and on our first meeting after a hug and a long kiss she cooked me a meal. This was the only time I remember that happening, spanking on cross.

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Teddy, to visit at the end of the month, and for their caravan to stay with us for the rest of the summer to save them spanking on cross the thing to.

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I kept up the regular rhythm on her clit and fucked her harder by sliding my fingers deep with every thrust, spanking on cross. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp even tighter around my fingers and then her pussy started to pulse. God, yessss" and she screamed as I continued to lick her clit.

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By now she was a great cock sucker and loved to swallow the cum out of those big dicks. Saturday we would get a hotel room and let men come all day spanking on cross and we made good money.

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That just intensified my feeling of having my own fun with our son.

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I slipped spanking on cross half of the dogs dick into my wanting mouth. I payed no attention to. I couldnt believe how excited I.

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She spanking on cross on her electric vibrator and placed it against her aroused clit, spanking on cross. With the other hand she struck a match and held it against my bruised balls. My body wiggled as the match burned my testicles.

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His cock was already hard and it got harder as I lathered his cock and balls.