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Ketangkap basah mesum

Posted on: 2017-12-22

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Watch this very small redhead with small tits get penetrated by a huge. I am close and I continue my onslaught, ramming and thrusting. Finally I tell her I am going to cum and shoot my hot fucking load into her cunt, feeling my cock spasm with juices and as I lie behind her my cock continues to throb and I can feel the last drop of cum spew. She turns over and takes my cock in her hand, leans down and sucks and licks my cock clean of the last drops of cum from my cock.

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She was squirming now, still trying to keep her body straight, but her hips were wiggling and pushing into my hand. I moved so that I could kiss her ass hole while I had my hand going inside her pussy.

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I looked down at my son smiling.

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I held on, looking at her brown anus and wondering if I could get in. She asked if I had cum, I said not yet, then she asked what I wanted to. With that question, I withdrew my fully engorged cock with mushroom head, and pressed the cock against her anus, and began to push.

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Lotta was panting and out of breath, she sounded weak, and like she was about to pass out, I rolled her over as she smiled back stroking my face, I kissed her on the lips and fed her my tongue. Lotta was still giggling to herself as she scooped up the cum from her ass and put it in her mouth to taste.

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And sure enough, she bucked and her hips almost came off the bed pushing into my face. She was panting trying to recover. I decided that if she liked it fast, I'd give it to her fast.

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She lay back on the couch and he covered her with a blanket.

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Cole, thus ending that hot scorching french kiss session. Jan's hand quickly reclaimed. Devon, all to see the bliss on their face.

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Two and a half weeks later, he was finally released from the hospital. I still remember the day he came home because I sped all the way to his house to see.

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She kept her mound trimmed but there was still hair, and from that angle, I could see her swollen lips. My head was spinning with delight. My wife commented, "I was hesitant to come out here like this, I don't want to make you girls uncomfortable.

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I finished my business then got up to investigate. It was clear my brother had jacked himself off on the toilet seat in his revenge.