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Mature sons friend fuck

Posted on: 2018-01-23

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Blonde mom screwed hard by sons friend. Fuck me, " she replied in a manner that clearly communicated her desire. I slid my cock in and pulled her hips to me.

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I saw your sign that said you clean carpets. I need some carpets cleaned. Her voice was weird and it sounded like she was talking through her nose.

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Following her as she went upward, my eyes gravitated to the bottom of her romper where her butt cheeks were showing and I could see she had no more than a thong panty underneath. Of course my cock was rock hard. As we entered the room, she turned and gestured toward the bed.

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Her insides clamped down on my fingers hard as she came, before her muscles relaxed.

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Joe was in full control and guided the next father-son team into place.

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I think my husband and I are happy. She obviously didn't know any more about last night than the other two. My husband once mentioned that he thought I was sexy and that he had a fantasy to watch me with another guy, but that was like five years ago and it was sort of in passing.

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John held her tight and grabbed her left breast at the same time. Steven closed the door and immediately started unbuckling his pants.

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She never hassled me, and even took me to her hairdresser to get a better coloring job. Nancy then shook all.

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She walked to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. As she walked back in I watched her boobs bounce with every step, I could've fucked her again and again, I was in love.

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No matter what, I could die a happy man.

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I sat on my bed as happy as could be but little did I know that even in my darkest dreams that this was just the start of a taboo, sexual fantasy week for my mom and I.