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Posted on: 2018-01-29

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Take my dick and give it to your sister if you can't fuck her yourself. I quivered and my thighs shook. I could not hold in this position for long as I weakened. He let go of my ass and I slowly sank, sliding down his huge fat pole.

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As I pumped it in, I stared down at that smooth, white butt. I can see you take my black cock, " I said, as I rolled over and he rolled over with me, on top.

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Letting myself into my house, I barely had enough energy to climb my own stairs before collapsing on my bed fully dressed and falling asleep immediately. I woke late the next day after some amazing dreams but nothing as amazing as the night I had just had fucking my neighbor's daughter. I had fucked several times but this night would take it to another level.

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My knees felt so weak and I couldn't speak, so I just smiled at him and staggered back to my car, feeling mixed feelings of shame and ecstasy.

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I swallowed his hot load and he pulled his fat cock out of my mouth allowing me to breathe fat asshole. Guy fucking me with the pool cue and his mate spitting onto my bum fuck her fat asshole keeping it lubricated.

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I was there to help with the cure for her neurosis.

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Madge proceeded to light up another joint and said directly at the wife she was her favourite niece before passing the joint to.

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I had a bit too much to drink one night and started boring her with tales of my ex, fat asshole, she could tell i had taken it hard so agreed to have a drink with me when her shift finished. We ended up having a few drinks and she let slip she had always found me very sweet and had often seen me eyeing up her ass lol. Anyway i invited her to my place for a late drink and to carry on the conversation to which she agreed with no hesitation.

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I wanted so badly to fuck her right now but was afraid I might be asking for too much too soon. Mom, this feels fantastic may I kiss you. Mom turns around and looks up at me as I place my hands on her ass cheeks bringing her closer.

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D and his cock was quite similar. He almost blinded me with his cum.